Hey y'all!

My name is Natalie.
11/11 was a big dream of mine that came to be because of a snowball of twists and turns in my fashion design career. I had so many no's and so many rollercoasters but the encouragements and passion were what led me to here. I did work in a bridal shop before and let me tell you...
it was THE. BEST. JOB. EVER.
Unfortunately, it was very far from home and with a degree in design I wanted to pursue other avenues. I had many oddball jobs and then a very stable one and wouldn't take back a single one as I learned and grew tremendously. After getting engaged and married though, I was catapulted back into the bridal world and this little fire inside just started growing.  I had to get back. Before, it was all about the fashion and pretty dresses but honestly the reason this job is the best is because you get to meet so many incredible woman (and their sweet mommas and friends) and  there is nothing better than being there to help them and be a part of their special day. I am so excited to be bringing this to my community and cannot wait to design for all you amazing brides too.
Hope to see you soon!
Love always,

After being proposed to on 11/11, there really couldn't be a better name for it. 

IS minimalist.
is romantic.
IS full of sparkle.

IS FOR you.