You're engaged & ready for some dress shopping but where to start? We've got some answers for you here!


When should I start shopping?

We recommend you start shopping soon after selecting your wedding date & venue. This way you have started the vision of what you want your big day to look like. Most dresses take about 4-6 months in production and then you want 2-3 months to allow for alterations. This means shopping + selection should happen 9-12 months before the weddings. We definitely have options for shorter timelines too though! (see below)


Is an appointment required & what does that look like?

We want to give each and every bride our full undivided attention & time and therefore ask to book an appointment. We will help you get in & out of your dresses so your guests can relax and watch. Our appointments usually run about an hour and a half which allows for you to try on several, narrow down to your favorites & choose your dress without feeling rushed. Walk-ins can be accommodated depending on timing & scheduling but usually not on Saturdays.


Who & what should I bring to my appointment?

We know you want to bring the whole gang but we recommend bringing only those close enough to you that you can't make the decision without. When you find the one, it's so exciting and you should be ready to say yes to the dress right there & then (just like when your fiancé  proposed right?). Sometimes not having the right people there or having too many opinions can cloud your own thought process . And if you have multiple shops you want to visit we suggest limiting to 2 or 3. Too many dresses tend to overwhelm many brides.

 You are definitely welcome to bring your inspiration for your vision, we love seeing your Pinterest boards & photos! You don't need to worry about any special undergarments (although nude-colored ones are great for trying on) or shoes yet. We also recommend leaving the food and kiddos at home. 

Will you have my size?

Most of our in-store gowns are samples that you try-on and once you've selected the one you love, we take your measurements & order it in your size. Our in-store samples are a variety of sizes with the majority around a size 12. We do carry curvy sizes as well and will also help pin & style so you know what the dress will look like in your size.  

What about alterations?

Even though we will order the closest to your size, most gowns need a couple of alterations to get that perfect fit. Read more about alterations here

Getting married soon or eloping, are there any options for me?

Shorter timelines definitely reduce your options but this doesn't mean you should settle for anything less than something you absolutely love & feel amazing in. We have multiple samples at all times that can be sold off-rack (as-is) and several collections we can get in very quickly (based on inventory & availability). You can browse our online selection for these too. 

What are the price points?

All of our dresses are under $2200 and average around $1000 currently. We can definitely accommodate almost any budget though!  

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